How is The Broomhall Centre funded?

Our building is owned by Sheffield City Council. The Council pays for some cleaning and for basic repairs but we have to fund everything else. 

We raise funds to pay all our basic running costs: utility bills, for the centre manager and additional cleaning. In addition we have to raise funds for building improvements and for activities we run directly. 

The Board of Trustees are all voluntary and do not get paid anything.

Our income comes from three sources: Rents, Grants and Donations. All centre user groups have to pay rent. We aim for this income to be sufficient to keep the centre going. 

We are constantly seeking grants from trusts and any other funders we identify. These pay for activities including Welfare Advice, the Homework Club, Women’s Health Sessions and Herb as well as many once off events. All the building improvements are also paid for by this fund raising activity. 

We welcome regular and once off donations. These can be made directly or through Local Giving or directly to the centre. Please say if you want your donation to be used for a specific activity and if you want us to claim Gift Aid.

We are supported by: