Jillian Creasy


Jillian served as Chair of The Board since early 2016. She was originally on the committee in the early days of the centre, but had to step down when she had become a full time General Practitioner. However, her work with the centre picked up again when she became a city councillor for the Broomhill area, helping with the projects, and since retirement, she has decided to get involved more directly in the centre. She offers invaluable knowledge about the area from living here locally and her time working as a councillor. She also offers management experience and can run groups effectively.

Ian D. Cooke

Ian served as the Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Sheffield from 1972 - 2000 and is now an Emeritus Professor. Ian currently serves as Chair of the management team at St Andrew's United Reformed Church on Hanover St, also serving as chair of the Broomhall forum for 5 Years until its demise in 2015. He is still involved professionally both nationally and internationally and is currently to arrange survey work in Africa within his field. While he does not live in Broomhall, he has a longstanding interest, allowing him to contribute locally from his administrative experience from his career, which spanned over 50 years and many nations.

Maggie Wykes

Maggie has been on the board for over 10 years now so knows the centre very well. She has previously served as chair of the board and currently lectures at the University of Sheffield's Law School teaching Criminology. She offers local knowledge as she lives in the local area herself as well as offering invaluable skills such as research abilities and offers numerous contacts from the university itself and those she has made throughout her career. She also has an invaluable understanding of vulnerable individuals and communities.

Pete Sacker


Pete joined in 2016 and currently serves as the board secretary, however, he was involved in the conversion project in the 1980's of the centre from a church hall. He lives locally so has knowledge of the local residents and area so he can help tailor the services to the residents along with other board members. He has a commitment to making the centre a continuing resource for the community by making the centre sustainable.

Margaret Phipps


Margaret is new to the Board. She has spent her working life as an accountant in the private sector. She moved to Sheffield for her work from her native Kent 7 years ago. Her local activities outside of work have included organising the monthly Broomhall community litter pick and walk leading for the Ramblers. She welcomes the opportunity to become involved with the valuable community work of the centre and hopes to be of particular assistance in providing oversight of the centre’s finances.

Mavis Hamilton

Mavis has been involved in he Broomhall Centre for many many years. She has been a member of the management group. She actively participated in Broomhall Forum in applying for funding for different projects. She was responsible for running and upkeep of the Carnival. She supported the Girls Group which includes young girls from different cultures. She organized activities to reach out to different cultures in the community. She sat on interview panels for different positions in the Centre.

Jeremy Ritchie

Jeremy has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for the Broomhall Centre since 2015. He is instrumental to the work behind the scenes at our Homework and Coding Clubs, and lends his significant technical skills to serve as our IT support manager. He is also the treasurer.